Zimmerman lawyer says ‘creepy a** cracker’ 7 times to claim Trayvon ‘put race in this’

By David Edwards

Don West, a defense attorney for murder suspect George Zimmerman, on Thursday used the term “creepy ass cracker” seven times in a span of about three minutes to try to make the point that slain teen Trayvon Martin was the one who had made his own death into a racial incident.

In her second day of testimony, West pressed witness Rachel Jeantel about a phone conversation she had with Martin moments before he was shot to death by Zimmerman.

“So when you say it’s a racial event, what did he tell you that makes you think it’s a racial event?” West asked.

Jeantel said that Martin thought it was “strange” that he was being “stalked” by Zimmerman.

“That’s because he described him as a ‘creepy ass cracker’?” West wondered. “So, it was racial, but it was because Trayvon Martin put race in this.”

West went on to use the term “creepy ass cracker” six more times, while Jeantel insisted that it was not a racial comment.

“Can we move on to another topic?” Judge Debra Nelson finally suggested.

Watch this video from Fox News, broadcast June 27, 2013.

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