Kathy Malloy: Rock of Ages

Remember the Heaven’s Gate cult?  The folks who donned new sneakers, then committed mass suicide so they could ride comet Hale-Bopp to follow the aliens to the great hereafter?  Somehow, they accidentally left Pat Robertson behind. Robertson, no stranger to oddball predictions, has now declared that the End of Times might come as early asContinue Reading

Source Feed, What? Still no plan, Rep. Cotton? About 225,000 Arkansans are too poor to qualify for a subsidy to buy health insurance on the exchange, and too “wealthy” to qualify for the state’s traditional Medicaid. But because the state expanded, using a “private option” to provide coverage, 155,567 of them now have insurance. “We […]
Source Feed, Last week’s report from the Congressional Budget Office was a barnburner for the Affordable Care Act, predicting that Obamacare was set to deliver insurance to more people, with lower premiums and more savings for the government than all of their previous prediction. But that’s not all. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities […]
Source Feed, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush tells a New York crowd that he’s “thinking about running for president” in 2016 and then: After his answer, the room went wild, and then someone said they hoped he would take the step. “Would you call and tell my mom?” Bush quipped, a reference to his mother […]
Source Feed, Many of the dozens of environmentally related posts that appear at Daily Kos each week don’t attract the attention they deserve. So, in 2006, a new weekly feature was launched to highlight those diaries. Initially called Eco-Diary Rescue, the name was change to Green Diary Rescue after a couple of years. After nearly […]
Source Feed, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) seemed to suggest Wednesday that any bloodshed spilled in the Bundy Ranch standoff will be the fault of the federal government. Read More →, Perry On Bundy Standoff: Feds Creating 'Opportunity For Misfortune' (VIDEO), , Tom Kludt, , Powered by WPeMatico
Source Feed, Click to enlarge. , Cartoon: Scott Brown's New Hampshire adventure, , , , Powered by WPeMatico
Source Feed, An Associated Press reporter on Tuesday challenged a State Department spokesperson to name an achievement from an initiative launched under former Secretary Hillary Clinton. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki was discussing the start of the second Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR), a general assessment of the department’s progress and opportunities. Read More →, Reporter Takes […]
Source Feed, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), a likely 2016 presidential candidate, has some explaining — and penance — to do. On Wednesday, Mother Jones dug up some old videos of the self-proclaimed libertarian slamming Republican hero Ronald Reagan’s economic policies for increasing government spending and debt. In 2007, while stumping on behalf of his father’s […]
Source Feed, Majorities of people surveyed in a trio of Southern states said they would rather keep Obamacare and improve than repeal and replace it, according to a New York Times/Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Wednesday. Read More →, NYT Poll: Even These Southern States Don't Want Obamacare Repealed, , Dylan Scott, , Powered by WPeMatico
Source Feed, Families of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shooting denounced Americans For Prosperity for photoshopping a picture of President Barack Obama and Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) into a new ad attacking Udall on Obamacare. “The use of an image taken from the President’s visit to Colorado to meet with us after our children […]
Source Feed,From: Steven Hsieh Republican Governor Mary Fallin is defying a state Supreme Court order staying the executions of two men. , There’s a Constitutional Showdown in Oklahoma Over 2 Planned Executions (UPDATED), , Steven Hsieh, , Powered by WPeMatico
Source Feed, OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A member of the Oklahoma House drafted a resolution Wednesday seeking the impeachment of state Supreme Court justices who granted a delay of execution to two death row inmates. Republican state Rep. Mike Christian told The Associated Press that the five justices engaged in a “willful neglect of duty” […]
Source Feed,From: Christopher Hayes What what will it take to make the energy companies relinquish this wealth? , 80 Percent of the World’s Fossil Fuels Must Stay in the Ground to Avert Catastrophe, , Christopher Hayes, , Powered by WPeMatico
Source Feed,From: StudentNation Students put the pressure on Governor Jerry Brown to ban fracking in California. , Students Mark Anniversary of BP Disaster With a Human Oil Spill, , Bo Kovitz and StudentNation, , Powered by WPeMatico
Source Feed, The House Republican chairman who oversees the Justice Department slammed President Barack Obama’s huge new clemency initiative unveiled Wednesday, characterizing it as a symptom of the president’s lawlessness, even though Obama has been stingier on pardons than his modern predecessors. Read More →, Key Republican: Obama's New Clemency Initiative Proves He's Lawless, , Sahil […]